about us

Welcome, my name is Steve Legg and I am an avid marketer (internet, affiliate and network).  For some for unseen reason I was captivated from the time I made my first dollar online.

That is not saying that I did not have struggles along the way or quit this or that to go to something else I mean most people do.

But here is the thing and why I created this site is if WE learn how to help other people, at the end of the day we will get what we want out of our business.

So, on with a little bit more about me.  I have been online since around 2000 (I think) so almost 20 years now.  I have been in a half dozen network marketing gigs and am in one now.  I have made some money in affiliate marketing and blogging but I am still working towards my goal to retire well for my wife and I.

A lot of people think that they can do this and reality is most people can its just some require a little longer than others.  But that is why people have created systems  because they help people move other people through the process.

You might here the word marketing funnel but really it is a system or a systematic way to take someone from point A to point B.

As you can see I like talking about online marketing.  But there are other things that I like.  My wife and I have a item on our bucket list (several of them now) to go to the silos in Waco TX to check out what Chip and Joanna are up to.  You know the “fixer Uppers”.

We like to look at good junk if you know what I mean and would love to pal around with the Frank and Mike from American pickers.  They really run into some nice things along their way.

I like building blogs and writing posts or even curating some content and giving those who wrote it the credit.  But designing the graphics for a blog can be challenging but for that I have an app called youzign.

When you get down to it I am just a good old country boy who likes doing marketing stuff online and I hope that you like my blog and we get to know each other better.  Who knows maybe over time we will work together in my network marketing business which I will tell you about when you’re ready to listen.

Just recently of this writing I joined MLSP and if you do not know what that is just click here to learn more.

I have not been in it long enough to tell you much so watch the video.  But here is the good things that I love about this company.

  1. It’s not a network marketing company
  2. They do have an affiliate program
  3. Their focus is on educating marketers to “be better”.
  4. Their focus is on making MLSP better…

At the end of the day they want to help people like you and I get better at what we are trying to do and provide ways to do that through education, applying what you learn, creating a skillset that brings confidence and strength in your life as well as mine.

I do not know you would need it “forever” but if it is paying for it’s self why not…

Lastly, I love old cars of the 60’s and 70’s which was my era of growing up.  I have had a 55 chevy pickup, a 65 Malibu SS and wow would it get up and go.

So, there is a little bit about me and like I said earlier I hope you and I can get to now each other better.

Steve Legg